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Michael Whatmore

Phone 650 444 5881
Direct Number 650 444 5881
Mobile Number 650 444 5881

Mr. Michael Whatmore
Executive Coaching - San Francisco
274 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065-1173

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Michael Whatmore

Executive Coaching - San Francisco

Area Director Consultant

My BusinessImprove Communications, Teach Leadership Strategy for Executives and their Teams, Coach Business Leaders towards Clarity Executive Coach, Business Consultant, Meeting Facilitator, Leadership Trainer DiSC Specialist, San Francisco Bay Area - Management Consulting

Ideal ReferralBusiness Owners who can’t sleep nights, who want to enjoy their businesses more. Dissatisfied Managers, Floundering Organizations (lacking Vision and Mission)

Top ProductI bring certainty to business coaching. Establishing mutual trust and ensuring the right fit are essential to a successful engagement. I begin with a 45-minute, pro bono session. My listening is tuned for self-talk, clarifying business objectives, bolstering confidence, encouraging change and effecting paradigm shifts through fierce conversations

Top Problem SolvedBob Ruskin, a skilled property manager, is president of Barclay PM. He considers his organization a “boutique” rather than a “big” business. Bob’s perspective was getting in the way of growth. The sales cycle is long in this business. By the time Barclay PM was presenting a proposal, sales had spent eight to 10 months creating rapport with the potential client and establishing a relationship sufficient to garner an invitation to meet. Bob’s notion was to show up at these presentation meetings on his own or with an assigned property manager; however, Bob’s competitors would arrive at prospect meetings with a team of several people. Bob’s belief that he was “small time” made him appear that way to potential clients, which decreased their confidence in his ability to perform. Too often, lucrative accounts signed with a competitor. The solution: Working with Michael Whatmore, Bob Ruskin realized that his view of Barclay PM was restricting his ability to compete in the marketplace. He was encouraged to bring his team of specialists, including salespeople, to presentation meetings. Michael coached Bob on how to orchestrate a presentation with his key players in ways that support and contribute to the value of Barclay PM proposals. This small and simple change shifted the company paradigm, and deals that would otherwise have been out of reach became possible. The high quality of their work was augmented by their new approach: They looked and acted well organized, like a company worthy of doing business. Now, Barclay PM gets the attention of the decision makers and closes more contracts. What is your perception of your company? Do you think that your actions and leadership skills restrict your competitive position? How could running your business become easy and effortless? Earl Nightingale, said, “The mind moves us in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts.” With coaching, sound advice and support, you can change how you think — and how others think of you.

My Favorite BNI StoryI love coaching BNI leaders; week after week, it is such a privilege – I get to work with exceptional people who enable their chapters to continuously generate new business opportunities for their members. I am always impressed with chapter leaders who embrace the fundamentals of BNI and in doing so, create more referrals and more closed business for members; their most important asset. These leaders know the system works!